June 3, 2017

Last Disney day of the season

I know, I know I blog a lot of Disneyland,
but, it is the phase of life we are in.
With Miles starting Kindergarten next year, our disney days are going to become less and less.
So we have to go and enjoy it as much as we can while we can.

We had a blast in Bugsland.
The rides are always short!

Miles taught Andie...

This trip we decided to park our behinds down and watch the parade.

Why didn't we do this sooner?
They were mesmerized by it! 
They absolutely loved it.
They waved to all the characters and yelled Hi everyone!

and this was Miles reaction when one smiled and pointed right back at him.


June 2, 2017

Tahquitz Canyon

Before Palm Springs gets terribly hot we wanted to get out there to do the Tahquitz Canyon hike with the Tangs. 
It's kind of becoming a annual thing with them.

Even though we were trying to beat the heat it was still so hot.
It was only 90 degrees, but it was still so hot!
Once we got to the waterfall, the kids splashed in the water, we picnicked, and caught our breath for a couple of hours.

Andie loved the mud!!

And her outfit will never be the same.

Miles and I hiked down together and enjoyed looking for snakes and tried not to fall.

Andie fell asleep on the hike down....

and stayed asleep when we transferred her in the car.... 

(everything about this picture makes me laugh. Her wild greasy sunblocked head of hair, her wearing Miles socks, her pink tennis shoes, the dirty face and filthy shirt. I love it all! It's a picture indicating a FUN day)

See ya again next year Tahquitz!