December 26, 2016

New Zealand Part I

New Zealand has been on our bucketlist for a long time.
And we finally made it!
Once we landed,  got our stuff and car rental we headed out on our long 5 hour road trip to Wanaka.

We made a little stops along the way to stretch our legs and go potty.

We stopped at the most beautiful lake with the most most beautiful wild flowers.
It smelled amazing and the kids had fun climbing on and throwing rocks.

Hands down the prettiest pit stop we have ever made.

We were so taken back with how GORGEOUS everything was.
Romney and Andie got right down to business with their picture taking.

The water is like nothing we have ever seen
We'd see little walk ways off the road and find treasures like 

Honestly, pictures do not do this place justice.

I have a feeling were going to like it here.

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