November 21, 2014

The Windy City

Before I start this post, I need to say that my heart is so heavy.
My phone took a nice dip in the toilet and it pains me to know of all the pictures that may not be recoverable.
My phone is still in rice....and NO, I didn't have my phone set up on the icloud. 
I know, I know.
So the following pictures are the ones that I texted to Romney and my parents throughout our 11 day stay in Chicago.
I am so glad that I have at least these from our trip.
But, I am enjoying my new phone!

The day after Halloween, Miles and I flew to Chicago to visit my sister and her girls while her husband was away for a week.

The girls were so sweet to Miles the entire time!
Avrie shared her Halloween candy with Miles with zero hesitation.

He missed his cousins while they were are school.
As soon as we picked up the girls, I wouldn't see him the rest of the day.
He even wanted to do homework with them.
Cutie Addy girl made a little worksheet for him too.

The second we walked in the door they would play with him.

He got to do things that he can't do in California..... play in a pile of leaves and throw them....

While the girls were in school he stayed home with baby Althea.
He wasnt totally sold on the whole baby Althea thing. 
He was 50/50.
Sometimes he was sweet and would share and sometimes he tolerated her and sometimes he wasn't having it!!
He really does need a, NOW.

But when he decided she wasn't so bad.... 


 .... they were cute together.

He got to play "run away horsey" every night.

He played down in the basement each and every day,

and picked up some guitar playing skills while down there too.

We went back to the awesome Field Museum where we saw lots of fun animals.

The kids were over the moon excited when their dad/uncle came back from Barcelona. 
They all lined up super hyper awaiting their presents he brought back.

The day before we left, I was sitting on the couch talking to my sister and could see the kids out of the window. 
My heart just melted.

These two love each other!
Their age gap is big, but I hope as Avrie gets older she remembers their little friendship and she'll still take him under her wing.
  (we later found out Avrie had snails in her hand, and they were talking about them...hahahaha)

And without fail, he was knocked out every night!

I wish we lived closer sister!
I wish our kids could play all the time.
I wish my phone didn't drop in your toilet.
I wish time could stand still sometimes.
I love you, thanks for having us.