April 10, 2015

Music Makers

Once a week Miles and I have been going to Music Makers.
A good friend of mine does it every week at our church for all the younger kids who don't go to preschool yet.
It's free, fun and darling.
It's super hands on and I love it.
Every 15 minutes we do something new. 
It's seriously adorable.

We do a puppet song.
(which is my favorite)

We read a couple books.
(Miles is hit or miss on this one.
He is either totally into it or completely board with it.
He'll even get up to wander.
Were workin on that one.)

We dance.

All the kids LOVE this part!

They play instruments.

We march in a big parade.
(And Miles always wants the red rhythm sticks.)

We do some sort of pretend play.
( it is spring break here and that is why there are so many big kids)

This week was a picnic.

We do finger plays.

And its so fun!

Baby Hollis likes to join us for most of music makers. 
Her mama is the one who is in charge.
And that little cutie likes to crawl over to us and hang.

After music makers a group of us go to the park and let the kids play.
We pack a lunch and have a great time.
Every week.

Park day usually doesn't end up this way....

...but what are you gonna do?...

We love music makers and look forward to it every week.
(now that I blogged something, I am rewarding myself with a bowl of ice cream)