September 9, 2017

Arches National Park Part III

A couple of days we went to Mill Creek to cool off.
You walk few short steps and you are in nice cold water. 
And it was so refreshing in that heat!

It was kind of fun to climb down into it.

We discovered a natural water slide that the kids went NUTS for.
Romney and I took turns sending them down and sending them back up.

They wanted to do "again, again, again!"

over and over....

...and over.
Both kids were so mad when we left on those water days.

The evenings were spent back at the "campsite" where we made our dinners,

played in the rocks,

and ate smores!

Moab, Utah was amazing! 
We absolutely loved our time there.
It was so hot, but would we do it again?
After our amazing expereience in Arches National Park we were ready to go explore Canyon Lands.

August 12, 2017

Arches National Park II

 The days didn't get old.
This park is so beautiful!
All the different rock shapes and arches were amazing.
I just loved it here.
This post should be titled Loved...

I love that my kids enjoy being outside.
I love that even though they are small, they were up for the adventure.

I loved exploring the base of "the organ".

 Andie loved playing in the dirt!
(and I love my dad in the back doing what he does best)
Miles loved climbing rocks!
He just turns into a billy goat.
It was so fun to see him so excited about it.
(he also was super excited about his camera attached to his belt loop)

And here he is looking at his pictures while Andie still is at one with the dirt.

I loved hiking with my babes while dad and Romney took pictures of who knows what.

(these three boys have my heart)

 After the Organ, we went to the Sand Arch.
It was thee softest sand I have ever touched.

As soon as our feet touched the sand we lost her.
Andie sat, then rolled, then went for the classic sand angel.
We'd pick her up and take two steps and she'd be back at it again.

Miles couldn't care less about the sand, he wanted to explore!
He wanted to find the smallest tunnel to squeeze through.

It was so cute to see Miles pick things out he wanted to photograph.
Sometimes we would pull over just so he could snap the picture he wanted.

One of my favorites was Park Ave.
 It was a mile jaunt through enormous orange rocks.

 Clearly this wasn't Andies favorite!
Andie wasn't liking her shoes too much this trip.
And she wasn't liking her time out too much either.

But once she got to sit in the dirt and play shoeless she was happy again. 

The Park Ave walk ends right by
"The Three Gossips"

and rumor has it that these kids were hot, sweaty and ready for Popsicles ASAP!

July 25, 2017

Arches National Park I

We recently went to Moab, Ut to conquer thee amazing Arches National Park with my parents.
We had such a great time!
It was so hot.
Before our trip we bought Miles some hiking boots to get him excited about a weeks worth of walking.
He LOVED them and did not complain once about our adventures!

 Our first priority was the Delicate Arch.
We knew we wanted to be there for a sunrise.
We drove all night and pulled into the park around 2:30am where Romney and my Dad grabbed their cameras, headlamps, water, and snacks and out the door they went.
They hiked in the dark to be able to photograph the arch with the milky way and the millions of stars.
There was no way I could stay awake all night.  
I'm sure seeing all the stars in person was quite an experience, but I just couldn't do it.
I set my alarm for 4:40am and left the kids asleep with my mom in the motorhome.
I was a little nervous to hike alone, I thought for sure there would be other hikers by 5:00 on the trail, but no.
Low and behold 3 ladies from Taiwan who spoke very little English came out of the bathroom and I asked if I could walk with them.  
So, me, Janet, Sally and Cindy hiked together for a bit until it wasn't so dark anymore.
Despite the tiny trail markers, I made it to the arch at the most beautiful time of day.
She was glorious!!


I found Romney and my dad who had a blast shooting all night.
I was super proud of my dad (who is in his 70s) for staying up all night and hiking a straight up hill hike!
Go dad!!!

It really was so cool.
The colors were so vibrant as the sun hit the rocks.
I am so happy we were able to do this.
I cannot wait for our kids to get bigger so we can take them back.
(although I think Miles could have done this one)

 After the sunrise we headed to the double arch.
(you can see a tiny Romney and Miles in the blue)

Once we got under the arches, Miles just wanted to climb!
He loves bouldering.
And he loved how "sticky" his boots were.

Everywhere you looked there were more Arches. 
It was so amazing.

Andie and I sat next to a shady rock while the boys went off to explore.

This girl literally just wanted her shoes off and wanted to eat a granola bar.
Hiking wasn't on her agenda that afternoon.

preschool graduate

In a blink this boy is done with Preschool.
I cannot believe how fast time goes.
His class did the cutest program and showed off all that they learned in the year.

We are so proud of Miles.
He has learned to count and doesn't skip 16 anymore.
He can recognize all his letters and make their sounds.
He is totally into rhyming words and is starting to blend sounds to make words.
He loved singing "tooty tah tah" and loved taking things to share on his share day every Thursday.

His teacher, Miss Cara truly has been a dream.
She made learning fun!!
She knew his favorite color, favorite animal, his favorite things to do etc...
She knows her students and
I love that.

 Miles and Troy were buddies all year. 
They met the first week and have had several play dates since.
I am bummed they will be going to different schools for kindergarten.
But it is what it is.

Miles is such a cautious, nervous kid and he was completely out of his comfort zone.
But he did it!
And everyday when I picked him up he was laughing with his little friends and had a great day.
We love you Miles.
You are moving mountains kid.

 And now we will enjoy summer and start prepping for Kindergarten.

June 3, 2017

Last Disney day of the season

I know, I know I blog a lot of Disneyland,
but, it is the phase of life we are in.
With Miles starting Kindergarten next year, our disney days are going to become less and less.
So we have to go and enjoy it as much as we can while we can.

We had a blast in Bugsland.
The rides are always short!

Miles taught Andie...

This trip we decided to park our behinds down and watch the parade.

Why didn't we do this sooner?
They were mesmerized by it! 
They absolutely loved it.
They waved to all the characters and yelled Hi everyone!

and this was Miles reaction when one smiled and pointed right back at him.


June 2, 2017

Tahquitz Canyon

Before Palm Springs gets terribly hot we wanted to get out there to do the Tahquitz Canyon hike with the Tangs. 
It's kind of becoming a annual thing with them.

Even though we were trying to beat the heat it was still so hot.
It was only 90 degrees, but it was still so hot!
Once we got to the waterfall, the kids splashed in the water, we picnicked, and caught our breath for a couple of hours.

Andie loved the mud!!

And her outfit will never be the same.

Miles and I hiked down together and enjoyed looking for snakes and tried not to fall.

Andie fell asleep on the hike down....

and stayed asleep when we transferred her in the car.... 

(everything about this picture makes me laugh. Her wild greasy sunblocked head of hair, her wearing Miles socks, her pink tennis shoes, the dirty face and filthy shirt. I love it all! It's a picture indicating a FUN day)

See ya again next year Tahquitz!