May 8, 2018

These Two Cuties

These two.
I just love them!
Naturally as siblings are, they love each other and like to push each others buttons. 

But, they are so cute when they hold hands.

They really do love to be together.

They ask me where the other one is a lot. 

They sit by each other when they watch movies 

and when we take our dog to the vet. 

Miles will always be up for cuddling.
Andie, not so much, 
So when I walked in to see he had held her and cuddled her sleep I almost cried.
It was darling.

Andie will copy every thing Miles does and this includes grocery shopping just like him.

They try to wake up their daddy together 
and read side by side.

They both shared a special Christmas eve together finding out that they have a baby brother coming to join their party.

It doesn't matter if they have had a great day or a rough day,
they ALWAYS end the night with a BIG hug goodnight.

I am so grateful they have one another.
And I'm excited for them to have another
buddy to add to their circle.
The more the merrier.

Snow in Southern California

 We had some pretty cold days here in Southern California this past winter. 
It wasn't much but we got two separate days of SNOW that fell from the sky!
AND there was one night it actually stuck to the ground.
It made waking up for school so easy and so exciting!!!
I've never seen Miles move so fast.

 He marched around making foot prints...

Once Andie woke up we rushed her outside too so she could make footprints... 

He was so excited he wanted to skip breakfast...

 and she found a way to eat breakfast and not skip the snow...

 He was so happy!
 (I felt guilty sending him to school on such a fun morning)

So, we quickly made a tiny tiny snowman before our carpool buddies picked him up....

And this was what remained by the time Miles got home from school.

 It was a pretty magical morning.

May 7, 2018

Joshua Tree

February 12th we had the day off of school and decided to go play at Joshua Tree with our close friends the Tangs.
IT WAS FREEZING all morning!
The wind was strong and the chill was... CHILLED.

But once the sun came out later in the day it was a lot better (for me)...
The kids just love climbing on all the jumbo rocks and being outside.
We have little hikers on our hands.

They didn't care how cold it was....they were just happy.

(daddy and Andie playing airplane never gets old)

Miles and Tyson ran around and around the same boulder countless times!

And Romney and Jason watched their boys run around and around...

We had a GREAT day and have discovered that our family likes this particular national park.


Happy Birthday Miles

January 24th Mr. Miles turned 6!!

Two little hands to show his age.
I cant believe it.
His two little hands love getting into any gum he can find.
His two little  hands love taking pictures with our mini camera.
His two little hands are always writing on post it notes.
His two little hands always have tiny toys in them.
His two little hands are constantly trying to tickle us during dinner.
His two little hands make great monster claws when he chases Andie.
His two little hands are ALWAYS germ free--bless his heart.
Though he is getting older his two little hands still want to hold mine every night while he falls asleep.
Miles, I hope your little hands grow to be strong hands to help others, open doors for girls, use them to pray, and wave people into your circle of friends.  
I love you my boy.

We had fun celebrating this cute kid.
Every year he picks the funnest party themes.
This year: SPIDERS.

We played a few Spider games and 
made Spider cookies

He opened his presents

which consisted of a lot of monster trucks and squishy/stretchy toys.
Both things speak to his heart.

We ended the party with Miles pick of a Chocolate Spider cake.


Happy Birthday Buddy!!!!!

January 15, 2018

The Cat is Out of the Bag....

It's true, it's true.
We are adding to our family this spring.

We are all so excited around here!
This is nothing short of a miracle and it has a long story attached to it.
But here it goes:

My friend Christy has been offering to try to have a baby for us for years.
She offered up her uterus before Miles was born and after he was born.
 She even offered before Andie was born.
Each time we said "you are so nice, but no thank you."

7 years ago when Romney and I were trying to get pregnant we tried 4 rounds of IVF.
All negative.
My body just can't do it!
On our last IVF cycle we had 4 remaining embryos that the doctor put in the freezer.
Thinking maybe we'd try a frozen cycle.
We decided to take a break from infertility and was in that break we were led to adoption.
We have no regrets and have never looked back or even wondered "what if."

5 years later we received a bill in the mail stating we owed a hefty freezer storage fee at the fertility clinic.
All these years later?
 I totally forgot about those things.
I told my sister about the bill and she offered to pay for the bill as long as I found a warm body to put those embryos in.
I wasn't baby hungry....Andie was due in 2 months!
 Within a couple of days of talking with my sister my friend Christy called once again to offer us her uterus.
 I told her what was going on and that is how the ball starting rolling.
We started planning and knew in a couple of years we were going to do this.

And just like that 2 years later, she flew to California where we put in two frozen embryos in HER uterus from 7 years ago.
Unfortunately, with all the hype the result was negative.
It didn't work.
But we had two more left in the freezer.
At this point we had to try one more time.
So the very next month she was here again.
The doctor transferred our last two beautiful embryos in her uterus.
And low and behold it worked.
She was pregnant.

We held onto this fun secret for a very very long time.

It's finally Christmas!

(December 2017) 

The countdown to Christmas was so fun and we were more than ready for the jolly ol elf to come.
We got our matching pajamas, read our books,  and watched a quick nativity movie....
Then it was off to bed. 
Andie fell asleep before making it to her room and Miles said
"take a picture of us sleeping."
Little cuties!

Christmas morning was filled with all sorts of smiles.

We went through our stockings...

and tried out everything Santa brought.

We got to open presents...

...try on presents...

...hug when receiving a great present...
(great story....we had a mouse in our garage recently so we put out two traps and whoa we caught TWO mice. Uh oh do we have a problem? Miles thought Romney needed a new mouse trap for Christmas. I wasn't going to deny that idea. So we went to the store where Miles looked at 2500 different types of traps and asked about each one and chose the perfect trap for his dad! It is by far the funniest gift ever but the sweetest. We haven't had to bust out the new trap yet. But should the occasion arise again, Romney will be ready with a perfect trap)

... AND we needed to break in some presents...

...Andie loved wearing her new sweater with the dangling tags and all...
She opened the last present under the tree

and it was her own tea set...
and she LOVED it!!!

It was a great morning with happy children.
And that is what we do it all for.

My parents had to leave after we opened presents.
They really are great grandparents. 
They are supportive and came all this way for a short weekend.
We love you guys. 
And appreciate all you do for us.
And we'll just pretend Andie is really sad about them leaving too and not leaving my arms.

Merry Merry Christmas!

Six weeks post op:

`he can lay flat!!!!
` he slept in our bed!!!!
`he is out and about
`he is wrestling the kids like he used to
`he is staying up late visiting again
`he mowed the lawn

2 more weeks til a full recovery.

Christmas Goodies

(December 2017)

The sugar intake is in full throttle and so is thee excitement for Christmas!
 It is tradition that we make Candy Houses and invite some of our friends over to join us.

Each house is so darling and has its own personality.

My parents came into town for Christmas this year.
Its always so fun to have them.
Grandma was here to help us roll the dough, use fun cookie cutters and decorate each cookie.

We had great cookies shaped like
bells, stockings, gingerbread boys, christmas trees and stars.


Now that our cookies are ready for Santa we are officially ready for him to come!