March 8, 2019

Hawaii Part I...

(September 2018)

True story: Romney was gone for 11 days in Hawaii helping with Hurricanes.
We talked everyday and wondered if he would make it home in time for our family vacation that we had already planned.
After lots of coordinating with his team, he was able to come home, but just barely! 
He was able to fly back home from Hawaii late afternoon the day before!!!
Rather than come home for the night, we decided to just meet at the hotel in LA and catch our morning flight the next day.
So he made a list for me and told me what to pack for him.
I loaded up the kids, and all the luggage in the car and headed to L.A.
We met up with Romney, slept a few hours and over slept.
We drove super fast to the airport, hurried through security, and rushed to our gate!
But, we made it!

SO here is the funny part.... our family Vacation is: HAWAII.
Poor Romney just flew this flight less than 10 hours prior....but peacefully without 3 kids.
It didn't matter, what mattered was we were all together ready for a super fun week as a family and with our friends who were on another flight.


 A couple of weeks before we left we bought Miles snorkel gear so he could practice in our pool.
He was so excited to get in the water with his daddy to show him what he had been working on while he was gone.
We also bought a cheap pool noodle for him to use in the ocean
(That way he didn't have to focus on swimming, adjusting his mask, and a snorkel all at the same time in open water.)

Snorkel faces never.get.old
(Miles and Tyson)

Andie loved swimming with Ashlyn who she calls "Ashwin"

Heather and I left the cove to find more fish, but we ended up discovering a sand bar, which was fun.

The Boys boogie boarded constantly.

We tried Puka Dogs for dinner.

and tried different desserts!

We were off to a great start in a great place with great people.

March 3, 2019

4 Months Old

4 faces of this 4 month old!
This boy is such a honey. 
Lane is a chunk weighing in at 16 pounds.
He is quick to smile and has been working on raspberries.
In fact when you talk to him, he responds with raspberries. 
It is adorable.
He is thee drooliest baby and spits up all the time!
He is going to sleep around 8:00pm and gets topped off with a dream feed before we go to bed and then sleeps until 7-7:30.
So technically I think we're sleeping through the night.
It's been nice that we're ALL getting more sleep these days.
He still hates tummy time-- but OH; those first 30 seconds are so cute!

 But somehow tummy time with brother is magical!
 Lane doesn't seem to mind holding his head up for longer periods of time when he is with Miles.

He is grabbing for his toys that hang from above his head and occasionally rolls over from his belly to back.

He has a love for his fist and pacifiers!!
They both run deep.

Lately this baby thinks he likes blankets over his face... 

It's hilarious and slightly terrifying at the same time.
So I slowly move the blankey off his face and keep it over his head... 

 And last we cannot NOT talk about his hair!
He was born with quite a bit but it started to thin pretty quick...
but 4 months later --it's coming back...
and coming back strong!
(Poor Lane, it was only for fun buddy, we'd never really let you go out in public like this...except we were in public when we did do this...)

We hate that time is going so fast and that he is turning into a baby.
We no longer have a new born.
But, we are so happy he's here and love him so.

March 2, 2019


(Labor day weekend 2018)

We know some people who have a tiny house up in Kernville who said we could use it any time.
We decided to take advantage of the offer and head up there for Labor Day weekend.
 Three families (Us, Tangs and Frys) squeezed into a two bedroom, one bathroom house for the long weekend.
How did we do it?
There were sleeping bodies everywhere!
BUT the all kids still talk about this trip and want to go back!!!

Each morning and night this little nook was filled with kids who claimed to be starving.
After their bellies were full they would go in the back yard and explore, lose shoes, and use walkie talkies to talk to each other.

On Saturday we went to "Crocodile Rock" for some water fun.
The water was so cold but the kids had no problem getting over to the actual crocodile rock to play on.
(you have to look close, but all the kids are up there)

At first all the kids fought us on the "life jacket rule" 
But eventually they caved,  Miles swallowed his pride so he could get in and play.

 Miles, Jaxon and Cooper had so much fun going through the "rapids"together.
Miles looks so small compared to the big boys in that boat, BUT in reality, the oldest is only 11 and they are all little.
However, they all felt very old and very big because they were in a boat alone. 


 Daddy took Andie for a little boat ride and she loved every second of it.

These two fell asleep under the shady cover while Romney and I went on a...

...romantic boat ride in the Kern River.
Jason serenaded/sang/yelled the classic song "kiss the girl" from across the water.

On Sunday we set out for our next adventure.
(The kids were so tired they fell asleep every time we were in the car.)


We walked the Trail of 100 Giants.

The kids ran everywhere!
They climbed on everything!
And we go to stand back and watch all of our crazy kids be happy.
We love our friends.
These are our people.
We are each other village and support.
Meet the #frangsworth group!

We explored the roots of a fallen tree...

Andie explored the dirt...
While some kids were still climbing the massive roots, Miles and Adele discovered the other side of the fallen tree and loved being so high and running the length of the trunk over and over.
We found walking sticks

and small cracks to squeeze through!

IT was an AWESOME day, with AWESOME friends. 

It was a fun, fast, jammed packed, tiring weekend.
We all had the best time.

Kernville....who knew...

February 13, 2019

A Three month old Lane

3 Months!
This 14 pound fella has thee sweetest temperamemt. 
He is calm, sweet and oh so delicious.
 He coos softly and and has a darling bashful smile.
He likes to be held while looking out.
His kicks are getting stronger during bath time, and he loves it.
He loves his pacifier!!! 
He lights up when ever you sing to him.
He usually wants to go to bed between 8-9pm and we top him off at 11:00pm...ant then he wakes back up at 5:00am to eat--and were back up by 7:00am.
We're sleeping longer and we're all happy about it.

He is smiling bigger and filling out nicely.
 I don't call him chunk a choo for nothing.

He has found his fingers and has to be up on the counter to watch mama make dinner every night!!

Tummy time still isn't his favorite but he's getting stronger every day.

He still sleeps in the boppie every night (on the floor) and loves hanging out in it.

He is starting to drool constantly.
 (it is summer time and Lane and mom hang out under the patio cover most days while the bigger kids swim)
Lane likes to lay in his boppie and be part of the group while we read scriptures and books every night.

 We got to see Christy this month.
Lane and I met up with her in LA for lunch because she had a super long layover.
She loved seeing him and told our waitress out of the blue...
"I birthed this baby, 10 weeks ago. I just wanted to tell someone"
The waitress just starred and I said "its true" and we laughed and she thought it was amazing.
So fun to see her.
Lane, we love you!
How happy we are that you came to us.

February 11, 2019

Andie turns THREE!

(August 17, 2018)

Our baby girl is THREE!
We celebrated a day early this year because daddy was home(yay)!
She has been so excited for her PINK day!
She woke up to a pink birthday crown and pink balloons!
Of course she wanted to wear a pink dress and pink shoes for her pink party. 
She LOVES pink, pink, and more pink.
But don't let all that pink fool you, this girl literally rolls in the dog water, digs in the dirt, wrestles hard, climbs dressers, streaks daily, screams loud, runs fast, jumps high, sneaks any and all goodies, and enjoys opening every brand new band aid and maxi pad she sees.
Yes, she is a busy girl BUT she is a happy girl!
One who is always laughing and experiencing joy in whatever she is doing.
We laugh constantly.
Seriously, she cracks us up on the daily.
She gives the best hugs and greets us with the best "you came back!" when we just left for the store for 30 minutes.
She does the best "cannonball" when she jumps fearlessly into the pool.
She has to wear a dress everyday and has become quite the rice lover.
She loves showers and LOVES blow drying her hair.
(that's actually one of my favorite things to do with her)
She loves brushing her teeth.
She really like books and being read to.
She is starting to sing along to songs she knows.
It's so adorable.
She asks almost everyday if we can go to Disneyland.
She is getting into dress up and wears a Cinderella dress up dress almost everyday over her clothes.
She is the best!

It was so fun to watch her open a bag full of princess dolls.

She was so excited, so we said that gift was from Miles.
She gave him a BIG thank you hug! 

After we opened gifts, she helped get the cupcakes ready.

She is the one who picked out all the plates, cups and napkins
so she was extra excited to help get things set up.
She looks darling in pink with her pink party display.

We had a great party that consisted of pink foods, pizza, pink cupcakes,  pink ice cream and LOTS of swimming!

Happy Birthday Andie girl, we love you!
Now lets cross our fingers because potty training starts tomorrow!

First Grade

(August 2018)

 The first day of school.
I cannot believe we have a first grader.
New backpack, new collar shirts, new shorts, and new shoes were all a must.
BUT he made it perfectly clear he did NOT want a new lunch box.
Easy enough.

(Side story: Miles has been wearing converse shoes since he could walk.
So naturally we bought a new pair for the new year but we also wanted to get him tennis shoes for his P.E. days.
 Little did we know these red Nikes are his pick for everyday! 
He is obsessed with them! 
Is it because they are red or more comfortable? We don't know.)

 He kind of had the first day of school jitters but not bad.
As soon as we found his teachers line to stand in he and Jayson immediately stood together.
These two sat next to each other in Kindergarden the entire year and they were the ONLY ones from their kinder class in the new class.
We were shocked.
The kids, us moms- we were all relieved they had someone they knew.

All the crazy parents followed the first graders to their classrooms to say goodbye...

I ran up to check on Miles before he went inside- he was doing just fine!

It's going to be a great year.