December 28, 2016

Tree decorating and Cookie making

This year our Christmas Croc was so excited about the tree.
(that hat is seriously the best)
He was so confused why it looked the way it did when Romney took it out of the box.
But once it was all put together and fluffed it, it all made sense.

This year the bottom of the tree was heavily decorated.

The organized side of my brain didn't like it, but the momma side of my brain loved it.
There is a time and season for everything and right now my season is KIDS and letting them feel the joy of decorating the tree!

After getting the tree up, we needed to get baking!
Each week we made different cookie dough to put in the freezer so at the end of the month we could pull out all the dough to make a variety of cookies for our neighbors.

Miles loves scooping and turning on the kitchen aid full blast.
I loved my new christmas apron I picked up in New Zealand.

Andie loves to watch everything we do.
She was amazed with the kitchen aid alone.

It wasn't long before she wanted to do everything Miles was doing too.

They were great cookie helpers and perfect beater eaters.

With the tree done and cookie dough in the freezer it was already beginning to feel like Christmas around here.

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