December 30, 2016

PreSchool Christmas Program

Miles has been counting down the days for Pajama day at school.
And it is finally here!
I have been counting down the days to see Miles in the little program.
We had to wait many years to have kids and I was excited to go to my first school program.

I was smiling ear to ear when the kids came down stairs in their reindeer hats and jingle bells.
They looked adorable!
I'm pretty partial but the reindeer in white is the cutest.

Miles sang all the songs!
 I was so proud of him.

Miles and Troy are buddies.
They met the first day of school and have been friends ever since.
They have little play dates and it has been fun!

His teacher Miss Cara has been such a great teacher!
We love her and are so impressed with all that she is doing and teaching.
Miles is learning so much and is thriving.

Merry Christmas little friends!

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