February 8, 2008

IN 5 DAYS!!!

We have been working so hard on this house. It's definately paying off. Its becoming more and more livable. In the last 5 days we have worked so hard. I know it doesn't look like alot of work...but it is and we are tired. We put up curtain rods in 2 bedrooms and in the living/dinningroom, put in a new bathroom, put up baseboards, and the stairs rail was re-done.

Auhhhh the windows are done...in the living room at least. We took out those nasty broken, off tracked blinds that were left behind. We tried to find some that matched the floor. They are okay. I am not head over heals for them. However, they are 100% better than what it was.

I love having curtains and rods!!!

This poor bathroom needed some major TLC. This is the guest bathroom downstairs. Look at the original flooring...gag. We decided to rip it all apart. So here I am pulling off the baseboards. P.S. ripping things apart is soooo much fun! This is what it looked like. Yes we have a back door in the bathroom...I don't know why either.
Aughhh its alreay looking so much better. See that black thing stuffed with a towel? That is the toilet hole. No joke. Gross huh?
We painted, put in the flooring, and baseboards. It feels so much cleaner in there now.
Finished project. The mirror still needs to go up. But this vanity was a "house warming gift". Seriously, our friends run a furniture store and gave us this. How nice.

Romney started putting in the baseboards. They are in the Livingroom and bathroom. I started working on the stairs. It still needs one more coat of white and then I can go back and touch up the brown paint.

Phew, call it a day! Now its time for relaxation!!!!