September 12, 2014

Sequoia National Forest part I

Over Laber Day weekend we went camping up in the Sequoias with some friends.
3 days, 3 nights in the middle of nowhere!
No running water, no electricity allowed, and tents only.
There were toilets...well, a hole in the floor with a canister over it.
I was super super paranoid about bears.
It is bear country after all.
BUT....we live to tell the tale and happy to announce that the only thing we saw were cows and one mouse.

I'm not sure how to break up the trip to blog about.
We have so many fun pictures.
So...we'll start with food cause every thing fun revolves around food.

Our campfood menu was SO YUMMY!
From breakfast to dessert....all of it-so good.

Making smores with Miles was fun.
He loved cooking the marshmallows.

Romney was quite the dutchoven man.
You can NEVER go wrong with Mountain Man Breakfast.

While we waited for the fire in the mornings we drank hot coco.

I'd say the little guy liked it!

More to come!
More to come!