January 27, 2008

Baby Steps

We have the Internet!!!
we have waited for the installation date forever. I have missed blogging. Were back and ready to blog it up. You'd think all this time we'd been able to do more than we have...but...we haven't. But were getting there...Baby Steps.

Yes I work...believe it or not I do! I pulled down all the ugly blinds that were left behind and painted all the window sills. They are ready for rods and panels. So exciting.

The floors are so close to being done. Romney tackled the family room and with 2 feet left.... ran out of glue...so frustrating. So it got finished the next day. Now all that is left is the bathroom. Making progress!!!

We have put up the chair rail in one of the bedrooms. Romney did a great job. We still need to scrape the wood puddy off and re paint, but its almost done!!!

January 6, 2008


IT has been so crazy around here. We have not done anything new to the house in the last 2 weeks because of Christmas and family in town. However a lot got done right before Christmas. Oh how I have missed blogging!!!

Well majority of the counter top is up. The edging is all that it needs. Rom stopped mid project because his brother offered to come help with the floors. When someone offers help you stop what you are doing and get HELP! I'm working on a new color for the kitchen, it is too yellow. Oh the trial and error...(I'm so sick of paint swatches)

Okay so my stripes are a little too much! I swear its the same blue just different finishes. I felt like there was too many shades of blue happening. So I painted over the flat finish with eggshell! I'm much happier with my accent wall now. Here is my very blue bedroom.

WE love and have really appreciated our friends and family who have come out to help us!! Romneys childhood friend Ethan came and helped peel those STUPID tiles...Romneys little brother Roger came and helped lay the wood. AUghhhhh we're almost done laying that floor. The Living room, entry and kitchen are done. All that is left is the family room and bathroom. It's so close...

Therefore.... we did spend Christmas in our house!!!....SO far all our furniture is in this room waiting for their proper room to get done. SO we just hang out in the Living room for everything!!! Check out our baby tree...it's my moms kindergarten class tree...thanks mom.Having Christmas in our own unfinished house was so fun. Our little fiber optic tree was perfect! I always feel like a kid on Christmas morning. I love seeing what is in my stocking, I love seeing the reaction on Romneys face from what I got for him, I love carrying on traditions and making our own. SO fun!What is this???... one more present...what is it?????His long awaited camera. It was so fun saving up for this thing. He had NO IDEA! I loved watching his face when he opened it. PRICELESS!
I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!! ...sorry this post is so long.