June 15, 2007

Come on Baby Light my Fire!!!

Today was a pretty exciting day. Today all the Rookies in the Department got there pretty badges and other firemen were promoted to engineers, captains etc... I got to pin the badge on my man. I think I was more nervous than Rom. He will be on probation for 18 months. He studys and works out alot. Im loving the fireman life. He works a few days( working 24 hour shifts. So every other day he is home ) and then he is off for 4 days works again and off for 6 days. How cool is that? It's been fun to watch this long process unfold. It's crazy it's here and I have a darling Fireman!! yeah for Romney!!!

Romney is the Firefighter/Paramedic when he is on the job...I have learned this is NOT a Fire truck its a Fire ENGINE! (FYI)

June 11, 2007


Look we went camping! We took off for the night and had a great time. Romney cooked a mean dutch oven dinner and breakfast. He is cool like that. We stayed up playing cards and loved the smores by the fire. Check our tent out. It even has a doggie door in it. To bad we dont have a dog.

I was covered head to toe to keep the bugs away. I guess the bug spray could of worked.