April 13, 2014

Sea World

A couple Thursdays ago Romney and I were talking about fun things to do over the weekend. 
It was the beginning of his 4 days off at work.  
He said we should do something "cool" and that we should "plan something fun like take the train into LA or go to San Diego."
 So  I said "lets do it!"
I called one of my dearest friend Lacy who lives in San Diego and asked if we could crash her house in a few hours.
We packed up and headed down the 15.

The next morning we went to Sea World. 
Miles is at a great age for animals.
He loved it.

We started our morning off with the Shamu show.
I thought Miles would have gotten scared with the dolphins swimming in front of him.
Nope, he totally dug it.
He loved looking at the baby sharks before going into the tunnel.

He was completely captivated with the shows.

Miles pronounces Penguins-"poogins"
And we saw lots of Poogins.

It was so fun for him to stand up in the big glass and watch the beautiful animals swim in the water. He never got bored watching.

My favorite moment was watching Miles and Romney make my favorite collectable....
the Penny Press.
Romney has been making me Penny Presses as a souvenir since we've been dating.
I love them!
I choose the one that will make me think of the day most.
I chose the Beluga Whale for this trip because Miles tugged on my heart strings watching them. 
I loved sitting next to him watching him discover the whales.
Seeing life through a 2 year old is pretty sweet. 

We ended up getting the year passes so we'll be returning very soon.
We have lots still to see.