May 25, 2012

4 Months and 1 day

By golly Miles is 4 months and 1 day today.
I can NOT believe how much a baby develops in such a short time.

Miles is such a joy.
He has such a fun smile and the most beautiful eyes.
He has so many new tricks now that he is 4 months.
 He has found his toes!
I love this stage.
I can not wait for those toes to make it to his mouth.
No way....adorable.

 He can hold up his head real good for the swings.
I'm excited for summer days at the park.

Miles is really talented.
He can suck his thumb AND pacifier at the same time.
This is his newest trick.
Though cute, we take that thumb out of his mouth.
This big boy doesn't need the bathtub sling anymore.
He now kicks those chubby legs and loves to watch the bath water run.

The biggest trick of them all......
Miles sleeps through the night.
This started about 3 weeks ago.
He did it on his own.
We didn't do any training or have to do the whole "cry it out" thing- it just happened.
After day 3 of sleeping all night, he moved out of our room and into his own room to the crib.
 Miles goes to bed between 8-9pm and we wake him up around 11:00-11:30pm before we go to bed to eat.
Then he wakes up between 6:30-8:30am.
Its glorious.

He's still doesn't take long naps in the day....he's a cat napper.
Were working on that.

Look out he grabs things now!
He's getting better and pretty soon it'll be quicker. 
He likes to grab and play with those little links.
He LOVES grabbing any blanket, burp cloth or oneies and shove it in his mouth.

Miles is a spew factory.
This picture is pretty extreme and totally nasty but I had to post it.
It's normally not projectile BUT he spits up all the time.
We cant wait for rice cereal to see if that helps the problem.
 Oh the joys of reflux.

Miles loves playing on the play mat and likes talking to his animal friends.
He squeals, yells and babbles all day.
We've tried the exersaucer... he's not ready yet.

Things are going good and he is discovering new things daily.
He loves walking round in the back yard and checking on our garden with us.
He loves going to get the mail.
He loves going on walks.
He loves watching Magnus run around out back.
He already loves being outside! 
Were super excited about that.
He is very interested in books and really likes looking at the pictures.
He enjoys talking to the cute baby he sees in the mirror.
He is doing so much better on his tummy. 
He no longer grunts with each head lift.
He still doesn't like it, but he is doing it....kinda
He hates getting buckled in his car seat. 
He just realized he can arch his back and protest. 
Not cool baby...not cool.
He is so darling.
We are having so much fun watching his personality come out.
Happy 4 Months chubbley bubbley!

   oh and Magnus.....he makes new discoveries every day too...

May 7, 2012

little green thumbs...

  Last weekend we planted our first garden. And by "we" I mean Romney and our friends.
Ethan and his boys came over to help him shovel, rake, dig and plant.  Miles and I sat under the umbrella and over saw the project. 

We have planted:

6 heads of lettuce
6 tomato plants
2 zucchini plants
2 jalapeno plants
1 bell pepper plant
1 green bean vine
1 cucumber plant
1 navel orange tree

no need to comment how good i look.

We are so excited for homemade salsa this summer...