March 19, 2014

"Mickey High Five"

Miles is loving Disneyland more and more each visit. 
 He loves wearing his Mickey Mouse shirt, going on rides, pointing out balloons, and waving to all the characters from AFAR!
One of his favorite rides is the CHEW CHEW TRAIN in Bugs Land.
He is finally tall enough to go on the Mater ride. I personally didn't love it. 
It whipped us around too fast and I had to hold on the Miles way too tight.
We love going to the Park with our friends.
Miles and Porter are so cute together.
They were completely entertained with the beads in Carsland.
They'd poke their heads out and shout
I don't know what is more cute....
the boys wearing the 3D glasses OR watching them try to grab the 3D objects coming out of the screen during the movie.

Miles goes nuts for the carousel. 
 He literally yells "my turn" while were waiting in line.

Now the moment we've all been waiting for....
Miles actually walked up to mickey. 
This is huge!
He usually waves from afar and panics when we get somewhat close to any character.
But this particular morning I was telling Miles we were going to Disneyland and we would see Mickey.
I asked him if he wanted to say "Hi" to him.
Miles said "Yes".
I suggusted that maybe he should give Mickey a high five....
The whole drive down he kept saying "Mickey High Five"...
The whole time at the park he kept saying "Mickey High Five"...

 Well we finally saw Mickey Mouse and he walked up to him....
I told Mickey that this was kinda a big deal and kinda scary for Miles.
Mickey was so great!
Mickey had Miles touch&kiss his nose, give him high five, and....


It was so sweet.
We walked away and Miles kept telling me 
"mickey high five"
"mickey (kiss sound) nose"
He was so happy!
I was happy for him!
The day Miles hugged Mickey Mouse was another milestone that melted my heart.