December 17, 2007

Slowly but Surely

There are some days that we feel like nothing is accomplished and some days we check off a million things. However we are are getting there slowly but surely. WE only have the counter top and floors left before we can move in. However, those are the two BIGGEST things!!! The counter top will be done this week which we will be so glad when that is done! Other than those two projects were in. I still plan on having Christmas there. What? I want to open presents in our own house this year -sue me...(office fans?)

Romney had fun taking off the original tiles. Now its ready to turn into a bar!

Rom hard at work setting up the plywood!

Now it is officially ready for tiles. There are so many steps to this one project. We are putting in 12x12" granite tiles.

While Romney is working downstairs I've been working upstairs on some paint. Most of the rooms we used an airless paint sprayer (highly recommended) but some areas we didn't! Like the dumb.

Before you judge my stripes hear what I'm doing! This blue isn't just any blue it happens to be TWILIGHT BLUE, so I am doing the same blue in stripes just one stripe is a flat finish and the other one will be a semi gloss finish. So it'll be a slight stripe...hopefully. HGTV moment.

This room used to be the brightest spring green..yikes! Now all it needs is chair rail.

Here is the old smurf blue room. It is supposed to have a green tone. Some see it some don't.

December 8, 2007

A Fresh Coat...

Well seeing that Christmas is around the corner and we want to be in the house by then, we have been extremely busy. After much thought and swatch after swatch we found our colors. We really like earth tones. SO, we found some really great colors to work with and they look great with our area rug. Its amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do for a house. I'm sorry for posting the same things over and over but its our life right now and I don't want to forget this time either. So soon enough I'll be done with the house postings. I know photos don't turn out the exact color but it's something. So here is the latest...

The darker brown is the whole living room color and it changes to tan up on the main wall. From that wall over to the stairs and up the stairs is the tan. We love it.

The tan color was brought all the way up the stairs and in the upstairs hall way. Im really happy with the way it turned out. The cupboards and doors are a fantastic white. I never knew there could be so many shades of white out there.

Our family room now has an army feel to it. We love the olive and boy scout greens. I loved the swatch from the store and Romney didn't. Once the paint was up I was nervous and he LOVED it. But now I am so happy with it. I have to say around 2:00ish is the prettiest shade. These pictures really dont show the green but I promise its a green tone.

...and here is the dreaded project...pulling up the floor. These little peel and stick tiles are hard to pull up. Soon enough we'll have our floors in. I cant wait!