February 20, 2010

a little break from the cold

Nothing is better than family in town. We missed one brother in Texas! Come soon Texas!
The weather was perfect all week for our Chicago visitors. This little hike in the sun was exactly what they needed to defrost from the 10 degree weather back home!
We already miss you Chicago kids!

February 8, 2010

it worked for her....

I received the sweetest little package and card in the mail last week. And it made my day!
Thank you Christy!!!

Here is a "magic onesie" for the nursery closet. I bought this from a random store in Paris right after I got divorced in 2004. I saw it and thought to myself "someday things will work out and I will have a family." So I bought it and took it home- and it hung in closets in Provo and
San Diego.
I'd get it out and look at it and wonder how I would ever put a real baby in it! After each discouraging loss I would think about the little onesie and get motivated to try again! I never wanted to buy a lot of baby things when I was pregnant for fear that it would backfire...so this was pretty much the lone staple in the closet for a LOOONG time! It was every baby I lost and every baby I wanted so badly! I hope if you hang it in your closet it can be a little reminder of why its worth it to keep trying!!! My pregnancy with Brigitte was an absolute miracle and the hardest 9 months of my life. Bleeding, bed rest, every pregnancy symptom in the book-I endured them all. She was the hardest and best won victory I have ever battled for. Everything was worth it. And now the onesie is clearly getting TOO powerful to live in my closet. Two babies in two years- all to the girl who was told she would chronically miscarry.

So I pass it on to you! I hope it helps you envision the little person who will someday call you "mama."
Oh it will melt your heart!!!

xoxo Christy