December 29, 2016

A Busy Saturday

Every year our little town does a Christmas parade.
It's pretty cheesy but we go every year.
We wave, yell Merry Christmas, and the kids get candy.
It's cheesy but it's kinda a favorite.

But this year we got to be IN the parade.
Miles was super excited.
This is the first year our church put a float together.
 Here we are about to get going on the parade route.
We were float #82.

Miles waved and threw glow sticks to to all the kids.
 (the glow sticks were attached to pass along cards with #lighttheworld on them)
We were nervous about having Andie sit in one place for one hour.
We packed a ton of snacks and even a sucker....
BUT she didn't need any of them.
A lady with bright red lipstick took her and Andie was completely happy.
I kept asking the lady if she needed me to take her back and she kept saying "nope!"
She gave Andie jingle bells to play with, and reindeer antlers to try on.
(the back of andies sweater was bright lipstick red)

After the parade we decorated Christmas gift bags.
Our church passed empty bags out and asked that we fill them up and decorate them.

They asked that we fill them with things for the elderly who live at the senior center.
Miles put everything in every bag.
We explained that there were grandpas and grandmas who weren't going to get anything for Christmas.

After assembling our bags we went to our church Christmas party.
It was a "Country Christmas" theme.
The smoked meat was delicious and the coleslaw was so good.

Miles was a cow for the little program the kids put on.
He really really struggled going up.
But he did it!!!!
Bless his little anxious heart.

A country Santa showed up and Miles was second in line to talk to the big guy.
He needed to be sure to ask for a new froggy.
His beloved green buddy was left behind in Australia and we've all been in mourning since. 
 That is all he has talked about and wanted so when he asked for an orange lizard it threw me for a loop.
This reptile kid!!!
Andie wasn't too sure about this whole sit on Santas lap thing.
But she did it, for 3 seconds.

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