June 23, 2009

well well well what do we have here?

Its true we got it done today!!!
What a glorious day!!!

June 20, 2009


This is what is going on right now on this fine Saturday morning. Sprinklers are in and all the fine tuning is going on as I speak. This is so exciting! We are almost yard people....well just in the front. Thanks Ethan for coming to help today
I personally can't wait for this project to be over
I wont have to sweep or vacuum everyday all the dirt that makes its way in the house

June 13, 2009


over here at our house. Romney says it smells like money. But who cares how bad it smells...sod is coming soon.
As I made my way through the stench of it all to the mail box
I was happy to see that...our passports came today.

it's official were gonna be travelers!

June 3, 2009

Class of 99'

Well the time has come....the 10 year reunion invites have arrived!!! Am I really at the stage in my life where reunion invites come in the mail? Where did the time go?
Fortunately, I mean unfortunately (very sarcastic) I will not be able to attend this party. Why?
Dang it.
(again very sarcastic)

I will say that each year I loved high school a little more...
...like boys
football games
student government...

...and with each year I learned a little more...
like learn to sing BINGO in spanish
like how to make lots of friends becuase my teachers would put me in a new seat weekly...I am a talker....

By my senior year I learned all I needed to know....so I thought!

Since my graduation day in June of 99'
I Learned even more...

first and foremost: WAXING of the EYEBROWS

always have and always will have a round face

I dont have to use math everyday

The word PERIOD isnt that embarassing

Moms really dont have eyes in the back of their heads

Keyboarting really dod pay off

Who really cares that I wore longer shorts

Is it really nessessary to shave your legs everyday?

Parents accutally know what they are talking about (dont tell my mom that though)

I was in really good shape

sticking with panio would of been a good idea

My parents "pick one night to go out over the weekend" rule was actually a good rule

fair weather friends...avoid them, thats what mom always said

The boys I thought were cute ....heavens no

Your tastes change
it really is more
important to be nice

...So Here is to Class of 99'...

while I'm basking in the sunlight of Italy