March 18, 2013

Eye Surgery

Miles eyes are fixed!
His eyes are goop free and now wakes up with both eyes OPEN.
I bet he sees the world so different now. 
The poor little guy ALWAYS had goo in his eyes, crust on his lashes, and they were constantly sealed shut.
We had to get up at the break of dawn and be there by 7:30am...with NO BREAKFAST.
No fun for babies.
But he did great.
That baby tiger gown had to of been the cutest thing.
We spoke with his doctor while Miles was still sleeping.
She said everything went well and that they probed both tear drains but only one eye needed a stint put in.
They said he woke up right after the procedure was finished and began to cry so they gave him some pain killer through his I.V.
The boy slept after that!
We sat there and waited and waited for him to wake up.
Eventually the nurse said "okay try to wake him up"

They gave us a bottle of apple juice that he needed to drink and keep down before they would discharge us.
He wasn't interested in it at first, he was kinda fussy. 
But a few minutes later he drank it up!
While he was waking up and letting the juice settle he was very fascinated by the red light on his finger.
He did awesome!
He was kinda 'drunk' the rest of the day.
He was kinda warm and blotchy but a good afternoon nap cured both.
The next day he was back to his normal helpful self in his non matching attire.