November 26, 2011

I'm thankful for....

1.) My sweet HUSBAND.
Oh how I love Romney. He is good to me and works really hard for us!

2.) My cool SISTER!
Alison is pretty boss.
She taught me to dance for my first dance.
If you have seen the movie HITCH then you can picture my first dance lesson.

3.) Being an AUNTIE.
I love all my little babies.

I loved hiking with them daily
and hearing them laugh all week.

4.) MAGNUS' great behavior this past week.
Magnus did awesome on his dogcation.
He was a hit with all the kids.

They never left him alone!

5.) My loving MOM!
I enjoyed hiking the emerald pools trail in Zion with my mom.
All the little ones ran up the mountain and it was nice to walk and laugh with just her
and take in the beauty.

6.) SURVIVING our spelunking excursion with lots of little kids!
we went deep into the bowels of the earth with glow sticks, and neon light rings.
we went into the pitch black holes of a cave. gulp.
we wiggled our way through tiny holes
and some of the kids crawled right through them.
I'm grateful that Romney welcomed me to the other side of the hole cause he was able to
catch my pants before I was really embarrassed.

7.) CHUBBY CHEEKS to kiss all week long.

What a great thanksgiving week in St. George.
We had a blast exploring the red sand everyday.
Everyday we experienced something new.
It was beautiful and we can NOT wait to go back!
We haven't been together in a very long time.
It was so nice to have all my siblings in one room.
It was fun to hear laughter from all ends of the table.

I am grateful for my family
and so grateful I was able to spend a great week with them!
Happy Thanksgiving!

November 14, 2011

This is one of my F A V O R I T E preschool items!
Romney thought of and created this brilliant little number.

It's just an ice cube tray with little grooves cut out of the sides.
Paper plates weren't cuttin it anymore!
You should make one too.
You'll love it!

November 4, 2011


It happens to be raining today.
I took Magnus on a walk in between storms while Romney worked on the garage.
This is our BIG project at the moment.
He is building custom cabinets and things are looking awesome!
Romney loves all the fun tools he "had" to buy for this project.
I like the tool that makes all the tiny holes in the wood,
I just love being able to adjust the height of all the shelves.
Pretty soon there will be a place for everything.
and EVERYTHING will be BEHIND doors.

I even have a CRAFT cabinet now with a pretty counter top out there.
It's glorious.