April 20, 2016

Indian Canyons

We have had quite a bit of rain here in Southern California.
We're still in a drought BUT we have been getting some rain.
And with lots of consecutive rainy days there isn't much we can do OUTSIDE.
So one day we decided to chase some sunshine and head to Palm Springs!

We went with some friends to the Indian Canyons and did a little hike around an oasis.

This was Miles first hike with his own camel pack.
He called it a "water back pack"

He seriously loved that thing!

And so did we....it was the first hike he walked thee entire time without complaining or asking to be held!

Once we got out of the hot dessert sun and reached the oasis, Miles rolled up his pant legs and started tromping through the water. 

Miles and Tyson are great friends and they stayed so busy running around, and throwing rocks.

Andie slept in the back pack the first half of the hike.

We love the Tangs and love this picture of everyone....
except Andie who is still sleeping.

The boys kept playing

And were so happy to be out and getting dirty.

While the kids played and ran up and down big rocks we sat and visited.
Andie woke up and was kind of miserable.
Her eyes were watering, her nose was runny, and the palm springs wind was in full swing.

BUT everyone really did have a great day!

And we can't wait to go on our next hike!
In fact...Miles keeps using his water back pack everyday!

( I just love my little family)

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