April 1, 2016

Big Bear

 This year for Romneys birthday he wanted to go snowboarding and stay in Big Bear for a couple of days.

So we packed up and played in Big Bear for a couple of days.
(what baby wants....baby gets...)
While we unpacked the car these two kept each other company. 

We invited our friends to come with us.
We love the Williamsons and are so glad we have them as friends.
The boys were so excited to play and have a sleep over.

The first thing the little boys wanted to do was to go sledding!

We all took turns swapping babies and sledding with our kids. 
( I love when Romney wears a hat)

The weather was perfect!
The kids played so well together 
but Miles was insistent that "our baby is cuter than your baby" 
I'd say they are both pretty darn cute babies!

Andie didn't sleep great this trip.
The nights were LONG!
But she had NO problem napping on our bed.

 The boys would take all the cushions off the chairs and couches and jump to see how far they could get.
We went out to the play ground a couple of times to let the boys get out.

We went on a hike before we went home.
(did you know your phone has a photo timer on it?...who knew)

 Miles was loving all the logs to balance on.

Oh big bear you were grand!

Happy  Birthday Romney.
We love you and appreciate you.

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