April 2, 2016

Texas Ya'll part II

After a great time with the Stubbs we all drove 2 hours to my brothers house.
They all went straight for the lake in front of their house to fish.
Miles had the only catch of the day. 
Go Miles...my little fisherman.

Byron took the kids on the paddle boat and they all loved it.
After a few hours the Stubbs went back home so we could visit with my family for a few days.

This was Byrons first time meeting Andie.
They were both sweet.

We went to the local zoo.
It's a darling zoo.
Its small but has all the animals that kids love to see.
you know, some elephants, lions, tigers, giraffes, rhinos, penguins, alligators...etc...

It was pretty cool to watch the Lion and Lioness together.

And then of course Miles cold turned to fever and then elevated to croup.
This poor boy and his lungs.
 We have to pack his nebulizer "just incase" and this is exactly why.
I know this is something they grow out of but man can we be done?
Its been a rough winter for him.

I felt bad because Miles was pretty tired and whiney. 
But we were in Texas and with his cousins!!!
But everyone was sweet to him and let him rest and after a couple days he started perking up.

We spotted a few deer in the yard and Aunt Tammy is showing Miles where to look.

The swing set was used when dressed in clothes....

...and in jammies....

We went to a yummy lunch where we then had to say goodbye 


and watched Miles and Beckett awkwardly hug.

We loved our stay.
We loved our view.
We loved the late night games and laughter.
We loved every second of being with my brother and his family.
Summer cant come fast enough.
We can't wait to play with you then.

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