April 1, 2016

St. George again

The kids, Magnus, and I went to St. George for a week while Romney attended a class for work in Las Vegas.
I do have good travelers.
With only one blowout...I'd say we did awesome!

Every night we'd call daddy and send him cute pictures of our babes.

Miles got to go fishing for the first time with my dad.
I was so excited for him to have this experience with his grandpa.
 I got his car seat in, told him to be a good boy and to listen to grandpa and I took his sweet picture.
(that face melts my heart)

They ended up catching 6 fish!

We were so excited for the week to come to an end!
Romney finally was on his way to join the party.

We climbed the red rock
Andie loved being outside but hates being confined in that wrap!!! 

After many long days we both fell asleep in grandma chair.

Andie learned to sit up on this trip!

We went to Snow Canyon.
We will always go.
It's a must!
I honestly NEVER get tired of that view. 
It is beautiful!

And Surprise, Alison and her family flew out to join the party too.
I knew about the surprise but my parents did not.
It was so fun to see their reaction! 

The kids were billy goats climbing all over the rocks.
I hate that we live SO far from this family.
Literally you can't get us any farther apart on the US map.
I am just grateful for FaceTime.

Now that these two are finally in the same stages of life they are friends.
They are sweet.

We went to the wildlife Museum.
For a small town like St. George, I was really impressed....

 ...and apparently so was Miles....

 they did puzzles and read books in the childrens play area

while we sat and fawned over Andie.

And of course we stopped by Great Harvest to pick up yummy bread on our way outta town!
Good Bye S.G. we'll be back!

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