April 3, 2016

A 7 month old Andie Girl

This baby girl is 7 months and the days keep going faster and faster.
Andie is a happy baby.
I can't stop saying that.
Yes, we have moments, but over all she is a ham.

She is sitting and crawling ...
sometimes she crawls correctly and sometimes she drags her legs behind allowing her arms to do all the work.
She is trying to get into the sitting position from crawling but gets stuck laying on her side.

She is starting to hold her own bottle.

Puffs and yogurt melts have been introduced!
She loves them!!!!
She uses her whole hand and somehow grabs those tiny things and gets them into her mouth.

And since were doing good with puffs, we started crackers.
(time to stock up on crackers again)

She is starting to make little messes

she is leaving the nest to go explore

She had her first Goofy experience and loved every second of it.
She laughed and laughed.


She loves peas, sweet potatoes, and bananas.
She is really good at drinking from straws. 
When we clap she is beginning to slap her hands up and down on her lap.
She still kicks those legs N O N  S T O P (its my favorite)
She has a great laugh.
She yells AHHHH and GAAAAAA.
Her raspberries are on a whole new level of intensity.
She is starting to respond to her name a little.
She puts everything in her mouth.
She still isn't sleeping through the night--But she just eats and goes back to sleep...but still were tired around here. 
She has survived her first ear infection 
Andie you have made the last 7 months fun.
We love you so.

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