April 2, 2016

Texas Ya'll part I

Having a brother live in Texas is no fun.
Having your best friends move to Texas is no fun either.
BUT at least we can fly and kill two birds with one stone.
And that is what we did.

Both kids did so good.
They both took naps.
They both were entertained with books, snacks and toys.
(the ipad was never needed. I do love that it's not NEEDED to survive)

Miles and the Stubbs kids picked up right where they left off.
Their whole family treat Miles as if he were theirs and fits right in.
They immediately got in grubby clothes and went to the creek to fish.
We have some pretty special friends.

When the kids got back they wanted to go swimming.
The water was f r e e z i n g but they still got in anyway.
Miles only put his feet in....
He's no fool.

We went to dinner and enjoyed a Texas BBQ.

We headed to Dallas for the late afternoon 

The kids played around the park for a little and pretended to be cowboys...
except for Kade....
He doesn't need to pretend...
He's a cowboy now. 


After the park we ran into the Dallas Art Museum to just quickly use the bathrooms.
And then we saw GEORGE W. BUSH!
He saw him go into an exhibit so we just sat outside the exit and waited for him to come out.
I knew I wanted to shake his hand and tell him thank you for keeping us safe but I totally froze and was so star struck.
Instead, I hugged his wife and told her she was beautiful and told him "thank you for approving the adoption act"
he smiled at me and said "it was an act of love"
Andie was ready for a bottle but someday she'll love this story.

After meeting our friends George and Laura we left the museum pretty pumped up and found the food trucks.
While we waited for our AWESOME grilled cheese sandwiches Cowboy Kade was teaching Miles all the cowboy ways.

They got in one more fishing day

I love that my boys had so much fun together doing "boy stuff."

While the boys fished Amy and I stayed home with the babies.
Andie and Blake were happy to be reunited too.

 It is shameful the amount of gross goodness we partook of at night while playing games.


But that is how we do games.
 Always have, always will.
We love the Stubbs and miss them so much.
(off to my brothers house next...)

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