May 11, 2016

An 8 Month old Andie

This fun baby is 8 months old.
Her eyes are so blue and her smile is so big!
Andie is so fun.
I swear with each month her personality comes out a little more.
And every month I say "she's so fun!" ...
well....She IS!!!

She is on the move...constantly.
She crawls faster and faster every day.

She has found Magnus and squeals when she sees him.
She uses his collar/skin to hold on so she doesn't fall. 
She is starting to pull herself up on big or small things.
I do not want an early walker.

 She is starting to make messes.
 I have to close the wipes or she'll pull each one out individually.

 She finds every paper and eats it.

She loves drinking from her sippy!
She drinks and drinks and when she stops it all falls out of her mouth and she takes a huge breath of air.
It's hilarious.

She is getting ROLLS on her thighs.
This brings me so much joy.

She loves the bath!
I'm not sure how I even captured this, usually she has a washcloth in a death grip in her mouth sucking in the filthy water.
I know, it's gross.
But she screams if you take it away.
Silly girl.

She is saying gagagagagaga
She does make the BUH and DUH sound but follows it with gagagagaga.
She loves cottage cheese, sweet potatoes, and avocados. 
She doesn't like baby food-so we mash up soft foods and she goes for it.
She can use her pincer grasp but she prefers handfulls
She doesnt like being put in her carseat-but is easily distracted. 
She is so hard to get dressed.
She is a mover and shaker.
She thinks Miles is hilarious.
She is starting to give open mouth kisses.
Starting to follow the command "come here.'
Holds her arms up when she wants UP.

Happy 8 months baby girl. if we can sleep through the night....

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