June 14, 2015

White Water Preserve

I am almost caught up on blogging.
I am so happy about this.
(now my mom wont have to keep reminding me that I need a new post)

 Okay, back to blogging....
White Water Preserve.
Such a random day, random spot, all around random.
It's off a odd exit on the way to Palm Springs.
It's out kinda in the middle of no where really.
There is a wadding pool right when you enter for anyone to use.
We didn't--just to be clear.
However there are tons who use it.
This is apparently part of the Pacific Crest Trail(the hike from Mexico to Canada).
So tons of hikers were passing through and bathed in that wadding pool.
(and that is why we didn't go in)
We brought Magnus and he was in heaven!
I love when Miles walks him, it's adorable.

We wondered through the trails a bit and found this awesome creek.
First we took off our shoes and got our feet wet.
The water was fresh and perfect temperature.

Magnus ran around kicking up the sand and all our friends were loving on him.

As time went on Miles got a little more wet....

We took residency on that bridge
and would move occasionally when a hiker went by.

And then this happened....
Miles couldn't just keep his feet wet.
He "swam" and at that point what are you gonna do?
You let him.
He was SO happy!!!

It really was such a beautiful day.

I think Magnus dreams of this place often and cannot wait to go back.

Some of the older kids from church were helping the little ones crawl under the bridge and you can see a little Miles head peeking through.

It was such a random last minute thing we decided to do with some friends but seriously we all LOVED it.
And we're going to go back.

White Water Preserve...go check it out.
Random but awesome.

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Christine said...

How fun!Reminds me of our Sycamore Canyon hikes before you had Miles. My dog is the one swimming in the water though ;) She always comes home smelling like pond.