June 13, 2015

Last Disney Day for Summer

We have loved our Disneyland passes this year.
Miles is getting more and more brave with all the characters.
On our last visit he really wanted to see Pluto.
He went right up and gave him a hug.
It's so sweet.

I have enjoyed our time together at the happiest place on earth.
It makes us all happy and we all sleep in the next morning.
It's a win, win for all.

Miles and Porter have been Disney buddies since they were one.
They love each other.
It's fun to watch them grow up side by side.

The last few visits we have met up with Jessa and her little one Mina.
I love Jessa and have learned so much from her in the adoption world.
She's amazing and a great friend.

Our passes are blocked out this summer and we can't go back til September.
That's just fine, we'll find plenty to do this summer.

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