June 13, 2015

Minor League Baseball...

I had a cute date the other night.
Miles and I went to a baseball game.
Nothing fancy, just a minor league baseball game in our area. 
Romney was working but we didnt want to miss out on the fun with our friends.

But we had a so much fun!

How fun are those clapping hands?
Miles insisted he bring them and he used them thee entire night!
Say baseball..."BASEBALL"

The hotdogs were cheap and the pretzels were stale....
But the sunset was awesome!!!

Everything about this picture makes me laugh out loud!
His eyes, his lips, just the whole thing.
I can't stop laughing.

Eventually he just wanted to sit on my lap and watch the game from there. 
(I'll take it)
He loved clapping when everyone clapped,
he loved cheering when everyone cheered,
he loved waving his arms in the air for a free shirt when everyone waved their arms.
We had a fun date.
He was so much fun to have.
We're ready for the big leagues now baby!

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