June 13, 2015

Fathers and Sons Campout

Romney and Miles went to the Fathers and Sons Campout with our church.
All the dads and all the boys pack up and head out for one night. 
I have been uncomfortable with Miles going until this year.
He is potty trained, older and can follow directions (kind of....he IS three)

Miles had been so excited all week to go with HIS daddy.

I was so happy to see him so excited loaded up in the car but I was sad when they drove away.
I didn't have anyone to tuck in or sing to that night.
I already missed them.

Miles is such a daddys boy.
It is so sweet.

 (whenever Miles sees this picture he says "fire! thats hot, don't touch)


Sleeping in the tent was his favorite.
Romney said when they set it up Miles kept asking to go to bed.
Now he wants to go again and again.

I and so  glad Miles has a daddy who loves him and takes care of him.
I am happy that he has a daddy who will take him camping.
I am so happy that Miles has such a good example to follow.

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