June 10, 2015

Birthday Package....

This is such a late post....But better late than never.
Miles recieved a fun birthday package in the mail from his birthfather, his birthfathers parents and grandparents.
Miles had been sick for a few days with a runny rose, fever, and cough when the fun box came for him.
He perked right up and loved opening everything!

He was really excited about his new goggles that came with the swim suit
(he has tested them out in the bathtub)

He loves light up balls and this cool ball does just that!

He was so curious about the clay molds and was so confused why it wasn't play dough.

He was loving the spiderman water bottle.
(we use it almost everyday)

Miles was so excited about everything!

He got spoiled. 

We went straight outside to test out the sidewalk chalk.

Thank you "L" and family!
We love you and want the very best for you!!
We appreciate the kind gifts.
They were so thoughtful.
The blanket is beautiful and we can't wait for him to fit in all those clothes.
(especially that vest...it's awesome)

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