June 13, 2015

Family Fire Day

The Fire Department had a family day and now Miles wants to go back to the fire station all the time.
Little does he know, its not always this fun!

They had fun little stations for all the kids to play at.
They did things like:
-have the kids to crawl out of a smokey house
-climb down ladders
-pull hose
 ...you know everyday things :)

The boys had a great time pulling the hose.

We got to ride in the firetruck "code red" and talk to each other on the radio.

Home Depot was there and donated some things to build (hence the apron) 
Family Fun day was at the training towers and they had the water going for the kids to run around in after the water bucket renegade races were over.
Miles was SOAKED head to toe! 
No, really...SOAKED

So we bought a new shirt on the way out of the party.
He fell asleep in his car seat wearing his new dry shirt and a spare pair of dry underwear we keep in the car (for those just incase moments)
We had such a fun day as a family.
We loved watching the fire demonstrations while eating snow cones and visiting with Romneys buddies at work.

We love our fireman!
Thanks for all you do love.
(don't mind the windblown, sunny selfie)

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