July 8, 2015

Most days are spent in the Water

Summer is here!
The sun doesn't mess around in Southern California this season.
Most days are spent in the pool around here.
Sometimes it's just us but most days we have company.
 We love having a pool and love that we can share it with our friends and family.

Miles loves wearing what he calls "Spy goggles"

He loves counting 1-2-3 and jumping off the hot tube into the pool

He is slightly freaked out with the pool vacuum....
Not sure why.
But he freaks!
He calls it the "wagon"
We have tried everything to get him to be cool with that darn "wagon" 
Aye Aye Aye.

Fingers crossed he wont be 16 still freaking out about it...

We sure love living close to our cousins.

Porter and Miles call the kick boards
"skate boards" and like to jump in the
"little pool" with them.

One day we locked up our pool gate and went out towards Palm Springs to a fun water park with an old college roommate.
We had a blast!
The kids stayed busy thee entire time.

I personally loved the kiddy area.
Yes, we had to watch our kids but it was so nice that the water was only knee deep and they could "swim" without their floaties and be free for a day.
After a fun day at the water park we went back to my friends condo where the kids got right back into the pool.
The kids stood in line to be thrown in the water.
(there is miles flying in the air)
Every time Miles would pop back up we weren't sure if he liked it or was scared but he kept going back for more....
Go for it kid!

We have been enjoying our hot summer filled with pools, sunscreen and watermelon!

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