May 15, 2015

Easter Weekend

Happy (late blogging--just trying to get caught up) Easter!
We spent Easter up in St. George this year. 
The weather was awesome and the company wasn't too bad either.
(just kidding mom!)
Grandma and Miles dyed Easter eggs the night before Easter.

He woke up with pink eye Sunday Morning.
Super Sweet.
I am grateful for modern medicine.

Even with Pink Eye, Miles still was pretty excited about his Easter Basket.
He loved his blue frog and his bunny book.

Watching him look for eggs was so fun.
He got excited when he found each one.

I think he was just as happy opening each egg as he was with eating the candy.

After we went on our egg hunt and ate our yummy dinner we went over to Snow Canyon.
It never disappoints.
It truly is my heaven on earth.
We hiked, we climbed, we threw little rocks and watched them roll down the hill,  and we laughed.

I love that place!

On our drive home with 1.5 hours left our car decided to die.
We stopped to fill up on gas and then....
We tried to get it jumped and....
We youtubed some stuff on our phones and discovered that it was our starter and that it was impossible to change at a gas station (we needed to hoist it up in a shop)
So we called one of Romneys brothers who has a toy hauler and asked him to come rescue us.
Which he did....
(but we had to wait for him to get off work, go get his hauler and then drive 2 hours)

So we waited...

 got comfy with gas station hot coco...

Watched Monster Inc on the Ipad...

and finally 6 hours later...
We had been saved!
Worst road trip to date.
I only blog it because now it's hilarious.
Our car got fixed with a new starter and it is back to its normal self.
I hope everyone had a great Easter with a fun story to tell.

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