October 3, 2011

Thee going away party

And who is this going away party for?
Oh just my parents.
Yep, my parents who live 3 minutes away...(walking)
Yep, my parents who I see daily and go to dinner with weekly.
Yep, my parents who have lived in the same house for over 20 years.
Yep, my parents have moved.
Saint George, Utah.
As crazy as this sounds...they are so happy up there.
So that makes it very hard for me to be mad at them!

Anyway, before they left,
we had a going away party for them.

They were able to talk with old friends,

give lots of hugs,

hand out new contact information,

laugh more one time together,

eat delicious food,

and hug some more.

I am sad that my parents have left.
It is N O T the same around here.
I am so glad that I have my brother and his family around the corner.

My parents have promised to visit often.
They have promised that they will come on the drop of a hat if something happens.

And so far...
they have kept their promises.

Well that sucked.
Anyone up for a pity party ice cream run?


megan&steve said...

they moved?? ahhh! Erin, I'm so sorry. Stock up your freezer with the Dove magnum bars and eat one daily. Awesome treat for when you are feeling lonely.

Rachelle said...

ha! my parents live in st. george too and kelly's parents just bought a house there for a second place to live? who knows! its what parents do!!!

you'll survive. drive down here and see me. :)

Emily said...

I will join you on that pitty party.

Jenn and Chris said...

So SAD for you! I cant even imagine, that would be like my mom moving away from us...to hard! hang in there!