October 16, 2011

Crafty Time

Yesterday was Super Saturday at our Church.
Every year we sign up for crafty things...because that is what girls do.
We like crafts.
Anyway, I am excited for the
countdown for Christmas that I made

and the Family Rules Board.

Ummmm...remember when our moms used to TOLL PAINT EVERYTHING?
Do you think Vinyl is the "new toll painting"?
and our kids will mock it?
Just a thought.


Christy said...

I am POSITIVE that vinyl lettering will be mocked. I have in fact...mocked a few already. But I still think its cute and kudos to people for decorating! I am not creative really, but I love a good knock off, so im constantly perusing etsy for ideas I can steal! I think our ward did subway art too but I missed it. Too bad, I think my family rules would have turned out awesome! Although, probably less uplifting and slightly more inappropriate to display :)

Lacy Rane said...

Ha! Definitely.

Heidi said...

that is hilarious! my mom was quite the toll painter (and probably still is).

Piper said...

I totally think the vinyl is "underappreciated" by some who ALREADY mock it. But as for me and my house, we will embrace the vinyl.

It was fun, girl. We need to do something at the same table next time!!

Jenny said...

So jealous, I want one of those signs! I don't even think that our ward is doing a super saturday!Boo!

Christine said...

I used to do the toll painting! I used to spend my whole time at Super Saturdays trying to write on everyone's crafts for them because they were afraid it wouldn't turn out good. At least with vinyl you can't really mess up.

Kipn n' Sarah said...

HOW can I get my hands on one of those FAMILY RULES projects? I wouldn't mind just getting the vinyl or an already done one, I just LOVE that!!! Is there any possible way? Do you know?
O and I SO agree that this is the replacement of toll painting, my mom was a HUGE toll painter :) I LOVE VINYL!

Jessica Garthe said...

Hi Erin. Who made the vinyl lettering. Can you get me some contact info. I really want to make one of those for my house. It is so CUTE!!!