October 7, 2011

Take a Hike

Having a dog makes you get out and move!
We love it!
We take Magnus out a few times a week to explore the great out doors.

He LOVES chasing all rabbits and squirrels.
He's totally getting faster and faster.
Someday he'll catch one and not know what to do with it....

He just runs around and his ears flop.

My favorite is calling him from a distance and he SPRINTS back to us.

Yeah it's good exercise but...
we mostly do it because when we get home Magnus sleeps for HOURS!
We're selfish.

What do you do to wear out your dog?


Piper said...

Invite Magnus over to play. ;)

Jenn and Chris said...

We need to join you one SAT since it is cooling down! I think Brinkley would die though...I need to get her back in shape ASAP! :)

Christy said...

When my children start to bark and whine I take them outside to run wild in our cul de sac. Brigitte gets on her scooter and Spencer sits in his bike/stroller thing and I chase her with him. Its rainy and cold now, but some days I just wrap everyone up in plastic bags/coats and hats...and brave the elements in the name of maintaining sanity.

Sorry, its the closest thing I could think of to having a dog....kids. Same thing right?

Kipn n' Sarah said...

He is BEAUTIFUL!!! Seriously a beautiful dog! He has gotten SO BIG! Love all the shots and it's true pup's keep you moving, a great thing!
Kip used to ride his dirtbike and have Echo chase him around till he couldn't run any longer. Made for GREAT doggy naps!