October 20, 2011

One Big Year Later...

One Year Ago we brought home Magnus.
It was hard to choose.
There were 7 black great dane puppies running around
and they were adorable!
It was a random day and kind of a random purchase.
We didnt go fill up our gas tank with the intentions of following a man home to see his puppies.
So... we bought Magnus and brought him home in
an adult diaper box.

Magnus is very sweet!
We have worked really hard trying to make him a good dog.
We're all about manners and being pack leaders.
If you don't know what that is ...watch the dog whisper.

Look what one year can do!

Magnus loves kids....
he is getting waaaayyyyy better at not jumping on them!
Yes he has taken out a kid a time or two and
He gets BUSTED for it!

He loves trying to sit on the couch....trying is the key word.
And he sits on it the way we do.
Just his back side sits on the couch, and its super funny,
but we correct him and off he goes.

He can't relax unless I am relaxed.
He follows me around while I clean.
He goes up every step with me while I vacuum each stair.

He is scared of anything with wheels.
We really have to work with him to NOT be scared.

He has the loudest bark and it makes me jump every time.
He doesn't use his voice very often so when he does, it's a good one.

He thinks every dog is his friend.

He leans all his weight on your legs while you are standing.

He hugs you while on walks.

He gets stopped daily by everyone to be pet while on those walks.

We have thoroughly loved having Magnus.
He is just so sweet.
And I have broken all my promises that I made a year ago ( see here )
I treat him like a kid and I call him baby.
I can't help it.
He is part of the family!


Lacy Rane said...

Love those before and now pictures. He is like a small pony!

Jon and Sarah Jackson Family said...

So yeah...he sounds like my Mikayla. Is that strange?

Heidi said...

Your baby is HUGE!! Happy one year Magnus... you have put your parents through a lot :)

Meagan Cooper said...

I love magnus, we want to come see him, he is such a handsome dog! And you guys have done such a good job training him!

Christy said...

WHAT? HE is a GIANT horse of a dog now!!! crazy! My spencer is DOG OBSESSED and has no fear whatsoever when it comes to going in for a nice big squeeze. Id pay good money to see what he would do with a Dog M's size. And I SO appreciate good dog parents. Nothing is worse than an owner who thinks their huge stinky slobbery dog is adorable when it licks your kids face at the park and you scream for fear it is eating them alive. Its the same way I know its only cute to me that Brigitte sings "Somewhere out there" at the top of her lungs during the prayer at church...but shes still learning about who the pack leader is around our house!

Heather and Dave said...

You BETCHA he is part of the family!! He is a furry person and a good looking one too :) I want a hug from the birthday boy! Can't believe he's one already. nice work on the walk-by-your-side technique and keeping him off the couch. Those are tough to do. If you need a good trick, put medium sized squares of tin foil on the couch when you aren't home and he'll stay off the couch...they don't like the noise/sight of it!!

Christine said...

I love the before and after picture! We have loved becoming friends with Magnus...I would say he's pretty much Maddies only doggie friend :) Our hikes are the best. You getting Magnus made me brave enought to get a dog for our family again!

Emily said...

He is ginormous Erin!!!! Our pup has turned a year too. What a year? LOL

Kipn n' Sarah said...

How funny, I remember doing a post just like this for Echo at his 1 year mark. He is just turning 3 in November I think? CRAZY!!! SO.... WE HAVE HIM BACK!!!!! I want to do a play date because like your pup, Echo wants to play with any and EVERY dog so they would have a blast! It would be fun to see him actually be smaller than another dog, he is always the biggest one! Lets get something planned. I would LOVE to see you and have the pups exhaust themselves at the same time! Call me! Do you have my #?