September 19, 2011


Bula Bula!
Greetings from Fiji.
Fun facts:
-there are 300 islands in Fiji
-Fiji is not a third world country but....pretty close
-Those who live there are either Fijian or Indian
the fruit is delicious.

Romney loves to sail!
He was so happy with the chance to sail on our
man made island; Denaru.

We could NOT get over how the water felt like warm bath water.

We took a charter boat out to one of the islands in Fiji;
Bounty Island.
On Bounty Island we....


and saw BLUE star fish
(awesomely clear water)
and fun colorful fish.

We had a blast kayaking,

they were glass bottom kayaks at that.

we ended up Scuba Diving there too but our under water camera battery died.
We were super bummed.

On our last day we went to the Hindu Temple.

And our taxi cab driver gave us a little tour and showed us around
and explained different things.
Kinda cool.

(We were not allowed to wear shoes)

Fiji was A W E S O M E!
The weather was F A N T A S T I C!
The water was G O R G E O U S!
and the people were L O V E L Y!

til we meet again Fiji,
til we meet again!


Amy said...

Jealous. Totally and completely jealous. ;)

Emily said...

Love hearing all about these amazing journey's of yours!!!!

Heather and Dave said...

How fun! I can't believe how clear that water is. Do you use a travel agency, or just research these fun places yourselves?? I bet you're racking up some good air miles by now!! Post your travel planning secrets/resources. We would love to do Ireland or Australia.

Christy said...

Im right on cue with Heather. Imdying to know HOW you go about all this travel planning. Gabe and I are due for a major vacation next fall and seriously, all I know is fly to france and eat crepes. My horizons need expanded!!!

Jenn and Chris said...

Love to hear about your trips and see all the pictures! looks like a blast! I love that last picture...looks so relaxing!

JonandLo said...

Oh gosh...Fiji is on my list! I'm sure it was breath taking and utterly just paradise! You will need to write a book of travels someday...xoxoxo

Heidi said...

you guys just never stop! and good for you!! Love it all... I will be starting a list of all the places you 2 have been and that will be my "bucket list"...

Leannita said...

i love your adventurous spirits!!! thanks for really is beautiful! because of you...i have yet one more place to visit. :) one day!