October 5, 2011

Sand Dunes

Saint George, Utah,
it's beautiful.
We spent a few days up there.
Mom and I spent some time at Tai Pan for new Halloween decorations,
Dad and Romney installed new cabinets in dads office.
One day we rented some fun little gadgets and headed up to the
Sand Dunes.
We had a blast!
It was gorgeous to see red sand all around us.
No one was out there but us.
So fun.

As mom and dad tried to make their way up the hill

they got stuck....
...so mom got out and Romney started helping...

...and they started to D I G...

...then they hooked both rhinos up with rope...

...mom pushed reverse, dad pushed the gas...
...and B A M... they are ready for more fun!

After getting stuck we set up camp and had an A W E S O M E
picnic .
The C O L D fruit and drinks never tasted so good.

After a great day we drove back to town to return our rentals.

We had such a fun day.
Were ready to play again!


Heather and Dave said...

First to comment....booYAH!!! Icant believe your parents'moved. That is crazy! Hopefully they're happy, and at least it's somewhat close to you? Still heartbreaking to see new owners in their home around the corner I'm sure. The sand dunes looked really fun. Hot, but fun!! Nice photos too. Just beautiful red sand everywhere! You must have taken the little polaris through a carwash?! It looked clean on the drive home! Happy late 30th!! Glad to hear you're still flirty and thriving ;) are you staring a preschool? Is that still in your plans?? Miss you!

Christy said...

where the heck did you get your huge sense of adventure??? And where was I when they handed these traits out in the preexistence? Probably reading a magazine....sigh. I love that you can take a pile of sand and ENJOY it to the fullest. And it looks like you have awesomely adventurous parents too! What great memories!

megan&steve said...

These sand dunes are MUCH prettier than the ones in Idaho that I remember. But those days consisted of bon fires and movies out there. Maybe some sledding.
Way to go and be so adventurous with the fam.

Heidi said...

How fun! Not the getting stuck part... but getting out and doing that (another thing I want to do).

Jenn and Chris said...

Looks like so MUCH FUN!!