October 12, 2011

Amazing Race draft # 3

This year the draft was at Chilis'
We ordered dessert and hashed out this years cast on
T H E A M A Z I N G R A C E.
It was hard because no one is sticking out as
"the winner."

We got to watch the first two episodes to get a feel for the teams.
These are the remaining 9 teams.

We drew numbers off a salad plate...
We got number one BUT we were able to trade with the number two slot.
Thanks Beaulieus.

Beaulieus' got first and eighth pick:
Jeremy and Sandy - dating
Justin and Jennifer -annoying siblings

We got second and seventh pick:
Andy and Tommy-snowboarders
Liz and Marie- twins

Bagleys got third and sixth pick:
Ernie and Cindy-dating
Kaylani and Lisa-showgirls

Williamsons' got fourth and fifth pick:
Marcus and Amani-married
Laurence and Zac- father and son

and lets not leave out the Lauritzens'.
They showed up for dessert and they wanted in...
they didn't get to draft, they just got the left over team that
no one wanted.
So our newest draft friends get:
Bill and Cathi-Ma and Pa.
A few disclaimers:
1.) It is stashtober with the fire department and that explains Romney new look.
2.) We didn't dress up for the draft, it was stake conference Saturday night.
3.) I am fully aware that my face is very round.
growing up, I wasn't called me applehead for nothin.

Good luck drafting buddies.
Is there anyone out there voting for our teams?


Jenny said...

Before I got to the bottom of the post I had the thought that it must be stashtober! LOL. I'm rooting for your snowboarders pick. They are fun to watch, and seem like good guys. I was totally bummed when Ethan and Jenna were eliminated...boo!

Heidi said...

I was wondering where your draft was... I knew it had started and didnt see anything from your blog :)

Anne Marie said...

We had fun just hanging out with all of you! Thanks for a fun night. Can't wait to see how far our couple goes :)