August 21, 2016

The Maiden Voyage for The Winnebago

A few weeks ago we bought this beast of a motor home.
She's an oldie but a goodie.
We put her to good use the weekend she came home.

Our best friends came in from Texas and we all camped at the beach for a few days.

Were new to the RV world and are learning what more we need to pack and what chemicals are needed for the toilet tank.  
(that pun intended)
But overall, it was a great trip and our family is going to love having this thing.
We're pretty excited about it.

Okay, back to camping at the beach....
 this girl loved helping her daddy sit in the parking lot waiting for our campsite.

Miles and Elise are 3 months apart and have the sweetest friendship.
They have always been so kind towards one another and ALWAYS pick up right where they left off.
(I hate that they live in Texas now)
These two played non stops for days.

Sometimes Andie would follow them and sit with them 

and sometimes she wanted to eat sand in peace.

Sand Castles were attempted...

the shore line was used to sit in...

Toys were discovered...

It didn't matter what they were doing, they were always together.

We went boogie boarding.

It makes my heart so happy to see my kids so happy.
There is nothing better!
But watching Miles and Romney boogie board together made my heart flutter.
It was pure JOY!
I loved watching both of their faces having fun together.

Andie didn't love being left behind but she found the pile of boards and was fine to climb them.

Both babes LOVED their time at the beach!
They played hard all day everyday!

It was so nice to have a hot shower after a sandy day,
it was so nice to have a comfy bed to sleep in.
We were spoiled but it made camping so much more fun for us!!


I am sad that I didn't take any pictures at night with all the kids cooking over the fire and the babies  covered in dirt.
But most of the time my phone was in the motor home charging from the day.
I am sad that our friends went back to Texas but excited to see them in the fall again.

On a scale of 100... how was our beach camping experience in the Winnie?
100/100 for sure.

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