October 23, 2016

Spoiled Kids

These babies are so spoiled with how much we get to go to Disneyland. 
As they both get older, it gets more fun to watch them there.
It's awesome.

Miles and Andie were pretty excited to see some of our favorites...
I took this picture and about fell over.
 I sent a text to Romney with this daring mickey picture and he said there was NO WAY we could ever get a lucky shot like that again....


These two know what to do.

I mean, look at Miles just resting that arm on McQueens hood like he's a pro.
A natural, I tell ya.

After we see/saw the characters we head over to fantasyland and start going on all the rides.
Dumbo brings joy to all ages.

Andie loves the carousal.
She tries to "giddy up and go" super hard and usually whacks her forehead on the pole.
It's hilarious and sad at the same time.

These two have been friends since they were newborns.
Their big brothers are usually on big boy rides leaving them behind to hang out together and apparently share secrets.
oh, I just love them.

Sometimes we go with friends and sometimes we go alone.
As much as going with friends is fun, I love going with just us too.
It is good for us to go as a family and create those memories.
It's the alone time with them that I will miss one day.

I honestly do not know what is going on here but it makes me laugh.
But this sums up a usual day at the park-
Andie in the stroller and Miles in her space.
And yet they both think its fantastic.
They're a good pair.
Thank you Disneyland for making my babies happy and creating memories for us.
See ya next week.

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