August 14, 2016

Swim Lessons

We started swim lessons!
Miles did awesome.
The first lesson was learning to pull his arms correctly and kick his legs behind him.
They used the noodle to help keep his legs in the right position.

By the second lesson he was swimming across the pool.

By the sixth and final lesson he was jumping in and swimming.
Awesome right?

As soon as his lessons ended, he would not swim and insisted on floaties.
We tried being nice, we tried being stern, we tried telling him that some of his friends didn't wear floaties--nothing worked.
He would NOT swim.
It was so frustrating.
Then one day he was at his buddies house for a play date and I got a video text from his friends dad.
It was a video of Miles without his floaties on 
(but just on the steps of the shallow end but going under the water to get a toy)
I died.
I texted back stressing NOT to leave Miles the pool and he can't swim.
I died!!!
A few days later I came home and found Romney and Miles swimming in the pool completely floatie free.
Miles had declared "I don't ever want to swim with about my floaties again" 
("with about" ='s my favorite)
He's back to swimming across the pool, jumping in and doing awesome.
It's been a few weeks since his decloration and he is getting better and stronger everyday! 
However, if were not in the pool with him, he has to wear floaties
If were at a big pool party, he has to wear floaties
if were at the beach, he has to wear floaties. 
But soon enough he'll get those privileges. 
Soon enough.

Good Job Miles.
Were so proud of you.


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