August 14, 2016

11 Months of Andie Girl

11 months.
Where is time going?

This busy lady is on the move.
She is walking 100% and therefore has bumps and bruises on her head daily.

She is loving books and can be caught opening them up to look at the pictures throughout the day.

She likes playing peek-a-boo

She cannot get enough water!
It doesn't matter if it's the bath,

 the pool,

or Magnus' water bowl.
She will find it and splash!
She is in love.

She has discovered the world upside down and thinks it's pretty funny.

 She loves her blankets and likes to put them over her head.

She LOVES Miles and will follow him around!

Her newest trick is to go into the laundry room or pantry and shut the door.
But then cries because she can't get back out.
Silly baby.

She is clapping, waving (when she feels like it), and dancing when she hears a good tune.
When we leave the room, she follows us.
She loves to get in the wrestling action with dad and Miles.
She LOVES to chase Miles.
She is listening when we say "No No" and now shakes her head "no no" to us.
She will squeal "mmmmm"when she wants what we are eating or drinking.
She loves tiolets, toilet paper, and flyswatters.
Basically all things disgusting.
If you take your eyes off her for a second she is into something gross.
She loves her doggy and his kennel.
She loves peas, blueberries, cottage cheese, cherrios, and lunch meat.
She is drinking from her sippy like a champ.
She is obsessed with all things fabric.
She doesn't discriminate-it can be a comfy blanket, a smelly sock or a Tshirt...she will seek it out, pick it up, put it next to her face OR drop to the floor and cuddle with it.
She is such a fun baby.
We are enjoying her and can't believe she is almost one!

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