August 16, 2016

Pre School

I can NOT believe this boy is old enough to go to Pre School.
He was so excited to go!
We have been counting down the days every.single. day.
But this morning he came in my room and said "mom, I dont want you to leave me"
I told him I'd be back to pick him at 11:30 and reminded him of the owl shirt he has been dying to wear.
He gasped and ran to his room and was happy again.
He was SO excited to wear his new pirate owl shirt that he picked out for the first day.
No, really, he was really excited about it.

He wasn't scared to walk up to the door like I thought he would be. 

He hung up his back pack and found his name with no problems.

And he went right to the table to play with the playdough.
He asked the boy sitting next to him what his name was.
I was so proud of him!!
That is so out of Miles comfort zone!
We practiced at home how to make friends with kids he doesnt know, and he applied what he learned.
I told him that I was going to go and his eyes got big and sad so I distracted him with
"oh, Miles I forgot to show you where the bathroom is"
So we went to the bathroom where we found the toilet, sink and soap (just like at home)
I told him I was proud of him for talking to the boy and gave him a hug.
He went right back to the table and I took one more picture of this happy cheesy smiling boy and said bye.
And I honestly cannot remember if he said bye back, he was happy playing.
At pick up he said "my school is awesome!"
I asked if he was happy to go back again and he said "YES"
Good day.
We're so excited for him.

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Trisha said...

My boy started last week in preschool too. It's amazing- you think they'll struggle but then they do so well! I gave myself a small pat for apparently doing something right. :)
Such big boys but still so sweet. :)