August 18, 2016

She is One

I think this has been the fastest year of my life. 
Seriously, the time keeps moving faster and faster with babies.

Andie girl is one!
And couldnt be a happier baby.
She is spicy, and busy, and quick but she is H A P P Y !

She is trying to feed herself with a spoon now.
Most of the time, she scoops up her food and "paints" it all over the high chair tray and then maybe will put the food in her mouth.

She loves books.
If she finds a book while playing she will open it up and look at pictures on her own.

She has discovered that the car seat rocks back and forth and likes to play in it now...

In her spare time she enjoys lifting toilet seats and throwing toys in it.  
We keep bathroom doors closed, but when I am cleaning or re-stalking toilet paper she appears out of nowhere and quickly throws something in that darn toilet.
(same applies with the fridge....when I open it for something she magically appears in the door and tries to get in)
She's stealthy this one.

As soon as the back door opens she shoves her way out and goes straight for the dog bowls.
So now, we just know going outside will result in getting wet, and you may as well turn the hose on.... 

She and Magnus have been hanging out a lot lately.
She sits on him, pokes his eyes, lays on him, cuddles up right next to him and with lots of reminders is starting to be "ssssssoooooooft" when she attempts to pet him.

She survived Hand, Foot, and Mouth.
It was the worst!
There is nothing you can do but let it run its course.
On the day that she started eating again, she cuddled up with dad to watch some Olympics and share some puffs together.
She loves here daddy.
She loves watching him work on projects through the back door.
Its adorable to watch them interact through that window.
I love it.

Andie has 5 teeth
She has found the moon and points to it every night
She loves bubbles
She is starting to copy what other kids are doing
She RUNS...
She loves shredding toilet paper into tiny pieces and leaves a trail all over the house
She trumpets like an elephant for every animal she sees
She is very intrigued by animals
Her favorite books are Pat the Bunny and Blue Hat Green Hat
She likes being sung to
She like "the wheels on the bus" and tries to get those arms rolling
She is trying to do's so cute
She loves being outside
She loves the "I'm gonna get you" game
She runs away fast when you are after her to take away whatever she isn't suppose to have 
(and she laughs whiling running away)
Hates getting her fingernails clipped
She still loves her pacifier 
and STILL ISN'T sleeping through the night.

 Andie, life wouldn't be the same without you.
We love you.
Happy Birthday Little Miss

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