January 31, 2016

We have a 4 year old

Happiest of birthdays to my four year old!

 I can't handle that he is growing! 

I want him to stay little! I want him to love Mickey Mouse and Monster Inc forever. I never want him to be embarrassed that he sings "small world" out loud in public. Though the asking "why" phase is sometimes draining I don't want him to loose that curiosity! I don't want his love of trampolines to stop anytime soon. I want to keep hearing him ask to watch his favorite show PJ Masks. I don't want to him to figure out that the word "stupid" isn't really a bad word. I don't want to stop hearing him randomly tell me I'm beautiful. I will miss him repeatedly telling me he and his dad fixed the kitchen sink just so I'll thank him loudly and give him a big hug. I will miss chasing him with the vacuum while I do my cleaning. I just hate that he is growing! I want this phase in my life to slow down! I love my boy! He is sweet as he is sour! 

He makes for a perfect 4 year old! 

(with all that being said I am so glad we had a birthday party for him before his actual birthday and the broken arm)

Miles wanted a Lizard Party this year.
Oui, this kid and his love of reptiles is killing me.
But a lizard party it will be!
While I was getting Lizard lunch ready, all the kids played so well together in his room!

He and his buddies ate lunch

They played Pin the Tail on the Lizard.

They played Toss the Lizard in the bucket

He opened presents

They all gasped and huddled over presents

and ate the individual lizard cakes that we decorated earlier.

 And that is the birthday wrap!

Miles we love you and are so grateful you are in our family!

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