January 31, 2016

A Fracture

A first happened at our house.
A fractured arm. 

And I'm not totally sure how this all happened either.
But I do know what led up to to it.

Miles and I were cooing over Andie on my bed.
Miles asked to hold her so I let him.
 She drooled on him and he gave her back to me and was acting silly.
Then I started changing her diaper and he was acting super silly and ran behind me towards the chair in my room.
After that I don't know how it all went down.
But out of the corner of my eyes I did see feet in the air and a big thud against the wall.
I winced thinking "well that had to of hurt"
Then Miles started crying.
But not his normal cry.
My very first thought was "he broke his arm."
So I looked behind my chair where he somehow air flighted behind and his arm looked fine.
I fished him out from behind the chair and he was screaming and could not bend his arm.
I tried the boo boo bag but it didnt work.
I tried putting an M&M in that hand seeing if he'd bend it to eat it, but nope.
Then I tried Monsters Inc. but he still was crying.
 He fell asleep on the couch so I tried to see if I could inspect it better but as soon as I touched it he woke up crying again.

I facetimed Romney at work to get his opinion and after Miles not being able to squeeze my finger Romney said to take him in.  
I took Andie to my sister in laws and a crying Miles to the ER.

I couldn't get him out of his jammie shirt without bending his arm so he rocked the snowman pajama shirt.

 He was so sad and very scared to see the doctor.
He didn't believe me that the dr would not be giving him shots that day.

Once we got to our room he was happy and distracted.
They had cartoons to watch.

The dr. was awesome.
He played all kinds of games to get Miles to do what they needed.
Going to a children hospital is a night and day experience I tell ya.

They sent us to x rays.
He was in so much pain as they twisted his arm, bent his arm and straighten his arm.
I told him they were taking pictures of his bones.
While crying he asked "Do I need to smile?"
I told him "no, it's just pictures of your bones"
Sweet boy.

After x rays he was able to bend his elbow again.
They even brought him toys to play with.
We were all convinced he dislocated his elbow and the x ray tech wiggled it back into place.

There was a fracture.
So they splinted him with a hard cast like thing on the bottom half of his arm to allow the swelling to happen.

Now we have an appointment with orthopedics for a real cast next week.

Poor buddy had to leave the hospital the day before his birthday shirtless with a sling.

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